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According to this guy, @Blizzard_Ent promised to sponsor three #OPC teams in Taiwan but didn't pay them money for o… https://t.co/zZF6aBKw9o
23rd February, 2018 #OPC
@TGranicAllen 4 Rs: repeal, review, replace, respect. A solid view on the sex Ed curriculum. Finally a clear argument. #ONpoli #opc
23rd February, 2018 #opc
@AnnCavoukian Should say no to collection w/o consent, period. But the privacy commissioner will likely say it's al… https://t.co/nM7xYVTJi5
23rd February, 2018
Two inches of snow basically shut Portland down this week, which has to make the Idaho-grown riders in this edit la… https://t.co/gLrRpjCkti
23rd February, 2018
Scaling up through our high POS period, we have just expanded our marketing/communication team. Do you need support… https://t.co/x2olWJJK3p
22nd February, 2018