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@Opel I'll take the #OpelAstra Sportstourer Dynamic in emerald green
20th April, 2019 #OpelAstra
@SandraRmer1 Happy to hear that you enjoy driving your #OpelAstra. Gor how many years do you drive this car already?
20th April, 2019 #OpelAstra
@Opel I've got the #opelastra Sports Tourer. Fabulous car👍
20th April, 2019 #opelastra
Spotted in Budapest, driven everywhere. Which of the #Opel120 Years Edition models would you take on your adventure… https://t.co/oIHVeM6qWn
20th April, 2019
Industrialisation and sophistication, hand in hand with the #OpelAstra. https://t.co/8FeO0jv17u
17th April, 2019 #OpelAstra
⏸Ball-Joint for OPEL ASTRA 1.6 ⏸For Your Genuine Auto Spare Parts & Accessories ⏸Kindly Contract us @ +23490605526… https://t.co/k4PpgtNXin
13th April, 2019