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It’s no fortuneteller, but Opel Eye technology predicts possible collisions before it’s too late. #OpelAstrahttps://t.co/y4wAEICSek
23rd March, 2017 #OpelAstra
Opel Astra Wins its Thirteenth National Car of the Year Award! #OpelAstra @OpelSA https://t.co/B2iO7FVFIy
21st March, 2017 #OpelAstra
Celebrate your democracy with #ThorpMotorGroup Our pick of the week would certainly be the #OpelAstra - We are open… https://t.co/ppQKgJAVAA
21st March, 2017 #OpelAstra
It’s time to wake up and test your response times! Stop the GIF at the exact moment the puzzle forms into an… https://t.co/astBHwy3tw
20th March, 2017