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You can have an #openaccess badge in lots of languages, print yours, share it & wear it with pride (v…
24th October, 2016
"This report presents a support framework for higher education institutions (HEIs) to open up education." #HigherEd
24th October, 2016
"I started teaching 21st-century style even before the 21st century began.” @BryanAlexander #OpenEd
23rd October, 2016
"The challenge is to make the default to work openly, and make an exception for keeping things private." @Downes
23rd October, 2016
When you think a fella is genuinely being nice and then BOOM they turn into perverts #opened #seen
23rd October, 2016 #opened, #seen
"Register now (free) for Education Impact Day Webcast-athon: November 12, 2016" #oer #opened ht @schwier
22nd October, 2016 #opened