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U.S. @PacificMarines with Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, @31stMEU practice fast-roping out of… https://t.co/zoWYIWA5Y3
30th September, 2020
Talons Open! - I am going to get you Eagle, this is the last fish you will ever steal from me! Florida in Sept of… https://t.co/YA2C2eXh6Z
29th September, 2020
Let us make the lunch that makes your day♥ Menu: https://t.co/Gr8N5ICxty - 📞 941-966-4453 |… https://t.co/L7uf9SVcQG
29th September, 2020
What is this drone doing flying so close to a... wait, what? Oh it’s an V22 Osprey. Carry on. Lol! Thanks… https://t.co/mXIEhMCkUT
29th September, 2020
Lone #Osprey youngster still hanging around long after parents and siblings have headed South #NaturePhotographyhttps://t.co/rDuXNfZh3D
29th September, 2020 #Osprey