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I think it’s done - I’ve been studying it the past few days. “Unexpected”, watercolor, 29x40. Going into exhibit fo… https://t.co/mFKVV9IIZA
18th April, 2019
Sun was setting so fast. She moves very quickly. Its hard to keep her in frame so I end up with quite a few part ph… https://t.co/JLNn5aRXuM
18th April, 2019
Taking flight. When its time to go you better be ready she's moving super fast. Thankful for opportunity to photogr… https://t.co/SJGNg9vg0B
18th April, 2019
The ever hopeful seagull waits in unlikelihood that this osprey may eventually drop her lamprey. After watching for… https://t.co/kS63vG4EzS
18th April, 2019
U.S. #Marines with Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 164 wrap up another day of flight operations at Camp Pendleton,… https://t.co/ANJ3shiAm4
18th April, 2019 #Marines
This #Baldeagle video was taken from a nearby lot at our new location in Navarre. We've also seen #Osprey, #owls, a… https://t.co/xKOBBRSJGp
17th April, 2019 #Osprey