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Transmission drain and refill round 2. Keep your Subaru all Subaru. Use only genuine Subaru parts. #Subaru #Subiehttps://t.co/jvfOh0SSDL
16th August, 2018 #Subaru, #Subie
Cutest little deer chilling in front of the Lodge today! 😊🦌🏔 Thanks Selene for capturing these shots!… https://t.co/g2p3noRC0n
15th August, 2018
The last of the new miniseries, #Outback finds the heat wave that affects Island Kimberley impacting all life there… https://t.co/NzkwUZKrKr
15th August, 2018 #Outback
Eeeermmaaaageeerrrd! Subaru LEGO sets!!! Need to make a trip to the Subaru dealership and give these out to new Asc… https://t.co/dp01stLz3A
15th August, 2018
As you can see, the border was pretty dry here when we visited. Lots of wind around too and people of course all t… https://t.co/pFebr1Kckb
15th August, 2018