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Havis is excited to continue our partnership with Panasonic with the upcoming release of the DS-PAN-1300 Tablet Doc…
13th June, 2019
I say.. GET PANASONIC PLATINUM POWER you muppet... You not down with Earth, Wind & Fire?!?!? #vintageadvertising
13th June, 2019
Bic Camera in Tokyo, the camera-iest place in the world!!! 7 floors of camera-y goodness. #myhappyplace . #tokyo .…
13th June, 2019 #tokyo
Awesome Panasonic R8335 Portable 8-Track player! Has a “shakey” start (sound on!) but always kicks on and sounds gr…
13th June, 2019
Welcome to the kit bag ya little beauty. I love, love, love the footage this is giving me already. #panasonic #GH5
13th June, 2019 #panasonic