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I swear i say “come on” to my kids so many different ways and get the same results Goood morning #parents
24th April, 2018 #parents
If only there were more like this! Going to show it 2my son - he'll likely roll his eyes in response (fair enough)…
24th April, 2018
Why do kids have low self esteem? Because sometimes when we’re just doing what seems best, it maybe isn’t and becau…
24th April, 2018
"It should be our primary goal to make sports fun, modeled after how kids define it, so we are building amazing peo…
24th April, 2018
Every couple with children will need to face this question: Will one of us stay home with the kids? Join Daniel a…
24th April, 2018
How many of you remember doing this to try and get home from practice because you didn’t have a quarter? #sports
24th April, 2018 #sports