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“ITS MOTHERS DAY AND MOM GETS TO HAVE HER WAY WITH ALL OF HER MEN” #petesaidwhat #shitmydadsays #pedro #partypete
14th May, 2018 #pedro
M: *Joking* yeah we’ll just head to the brass ass later!! Pete: I can leave now and warm up the ladies😏😉…
14th May, 2018
*talking about anchovies* T: yeah, no that’s too fishy for me. P: You wanna taste fishy?! Taste the bottom of my bo…
14th May, 2018
I would have rather paid my money to watch our under 23s play vs newcastle today and tried to of earnt a place for…
13th May, 2018
Nothing about @ChelseaFC matters for now, A terrible season we had. The question now is what’s next? Who’s gonna…
13th May, 2018
Oh great #pedro coming on that’ll do it 🙄 #NEWCHE
13th May, 2018 #pedro