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Drop my car off at 2 pm with an appointment at the #PepBoys in Carson. It's 6:32 pm and they have just put 1 tire o…
18th February, 2018 #PepBoys
When you love the car you're in, you would do anything for it. Get under the hood and show your car how much you ca…
14th February, 2018
Tried to return battery installed but not used due to bad starter and advanced auto parts will not refund even with…
14th February, 2018
Day or night, make the bright choice. Turn your headlights on and make the road a safer place for everyone! #PepBoys
13th February, 2018 #PepBoys
This week, give your car the gift it really wants… a fresh oil change from your neighborhood Pep Boys. #PepBoys
12th February, 2018 #PepBoys
if Ed Woodward gave Mourinho one more dime to buy players for @ManUtd he's the dumbest f^*% in the world...…
11th February, 2018