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#persona looks like Metroid Other M and Star Ocean V had an accident-baby. And it's only for slave-made consoles. Preorder cancelled. -HRJ
13th November, 2017 #persona
"#Persona tries to steal the performa of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but TMS slays p5 on every level" #personaconfessions -FT
13th November, 2017 #Persona
I'll probably give Persona 2 a try soon. I really like the designs of Tatsuya, Eikichi, and Maya. #persona
13th November, 2017 #persona
Why does #persona have literal weebtrash mascot Hatsune Miku written into CANON? It's official, persona is dead, and that's canon. #FuckSEGA
13th November, 2017 #persona