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Heeeey! I've just woken up and didn't go to school bc I feel so extremely sick. Wish you all a good day 💙#pewdiepie
3rd January, 2017 #pewdiepie
Do what the YouTube pied piper says. But remember to listen to your heart for that is the true source of your exist…
3rd January, 2017
Watched a #pewdiepie video for the first time in years. When did the whole Joker personality come from?
3rd January, 2017 #pewdiepie
#pewdiepie. Subscribe my Channel its called (figi toft )
3rd January, 2017 #pewdiepie
Pewdiepie gets millions of views for what? Yelling at a screen like an idiot all day? Pathetic. ~Corporal Chaos. #youtube #pewdiepie
3rd January, 2017 #youtube, #pewdiepie