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"You are the community we've found and you're everything we could have hoped for... and more." — E. Leighton…
20th July, 2017
Completely impulsed bought the entirety of @MarvelStudios #Phase2 ... Anyone up for a #Marvel themed film night?
19th July, 2017 #Phase2, #Marvel
@Record_Sport The return of the establishment nearly complete . #phase2
19th July, 2017 #phase2
Yoooo @Ticketmaster y'all need to chilll can't be tempting me like this 😅😅#Phase2
19th July, 2017 #Phase2
PHASE 2 INVITES out this afternoon. If sponsored by a friend attending 2017, keep an eye on your inbox.…
19th July, 2017
George delivering a speech in front of over 60 young people, talking about what he would do if he was Prime Minster…
19th July, 2017
Young people getting pushed out of their comfort zone with @SpeakersTrust delivering speeches to their groups!!…
19th July, 2017
Closing Phase1 ☝ Giving thanks, highlighting gratitudes & Setting goals. #REFLECTION @NCS @NCSCheshireWest
19th July, 2017