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Interview w/ Jeffrey Schnapp @jaytiesse, author of "Futur #Piaggio: Six Italian Lessons on Mobility and Modern Life" https://t.co/CthDZ2N8SI
23rd March, 2017 #Piaggio
Do you remember the APE #PIAGGIO 50? Busch produced the 1/87 scale model of this vehicle https://t.co/LZh5PA0EWm https://t.co/4DpOw3aoVs
23rd March, 2017 #PIAGGIO
0% finance on 125s at Midland Scooter Centrehttps://www.scooterlab.uk/piaggio-medley-0-finance-msc-news/… https://t.co/Z9FSE5s9Iu
23rd March, 2017
Finally show has melted in Sweden so I could take out my #Piaggio. Best thing ever for those of us whom did not get… https://t.co/UQklY5e1VY
22nd March, 2017 #Piaggio