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You'd get fined $5K and/or jail if you take Pikes Peak dirt/rocks. Avoid that and get it legally… https://t.co/0zFCRQWxU7
22nd August, 2017
We had not see one Ky/UK person in 3 days, then who should be sitting across from us on the cog train to #pikespeakhttps://t.co/hLvW2rfz4R
22nd August, 2017 #pikespeak
#pikespeak is one of God's gifts to us. He did not have to make it so majestic, but thankfully He did. https://t.co/bVIBpbI5nq
22nd August, 2017 #pikespeak
Well today was the first day I finally got Lindsey HIGH!! How high? Well 14,115ft high 😎🏔👏🏻#PikesPeak #highaf https://t.co/ZFpGoQYgQo
22nd August, 2017 #PikesPeak
Colorado Springs residents can see someone famous in the Pikes Peak shadows twice a year. Guess who?… https://t.co/BjegnZMyWZ
22nd August, 2017
Taking dirt/rocks from Pikes Peak is punishable by fine of $5K and/or 6 mos. in jail. Get it legally… https://t.co/2fGtNfcH7j
21st August, 2017