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Taking dirt/rocks from Pikes Peak is punishable by fine of $5K and/or 6 mos. in jail. Get it legally… https://t.co/aUk83xfCIl
22nd November, 2017
The 1st Pikes Peak car race was 1916, making it the 2nd oldest race in America. T or F https://t.co/VUtDE445rchttps://t.co/W1YWz6eNMN
22nd November, 2017
Several thousand bicyclists rode up the PP highway in 2014? How many do you think attempted it?… https://t.co/QAJgKuYp0O
22nd November, 2017
In 2014, what's your guess on how many bicyclists rode up the PP highway? https://t.co/VUtDE3MuzE #pikespeak https://t.co/C1WwjgJP2c
21st November, 2017 #pikespeak
Hello! This morning’s #sunrise view lasted a very short time. A reminder that even on the cloudy days, there is sti… https://t.co/X3XDloJIQ8
21st November, 2017 #sunrise
The first Pikes Peak car race to the top was 1916. It was called: Race to the Clouds. https://t.co/VUtDE3MuzEhttps://t.co/sbrN6TKCWS
21st November, 2017