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#RyanCoverup Grace pinto of Ryan school is post bearer of of BJP Mahila morcha. Do you expect action against #pinto
18th September, 2017 #pinto
@Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump What is wrong with you? You are a disgrace and an embarrassment. #PINTO
18th September, 2017 #PINTO
@Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump For @POTUS, it's too much to be decent. He'd rather spend millions of taxpayer money t…
17th September, 2017
@BeauWillimon @realDonaldTrump What is wrong with him? Is he 80 or 8? What a knob! Trump is a knob! #PINTO
17th September, 2017 #PINTO
@Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump #PINTO @POTUS continues to show us just how UNPRESIDENTIAL he is. Glad he'll be out so…
17th September, 2017 #PINTO
@CaitrionaPerry You forgot to add he then pushed her out of the way to make room for his massive ego. #pinto
17th September, 2017 #pinto