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It's yet again another race weekend for the team and Pirelli World Challenge. This weekend is PIR in Portland, OR.… https://t.co/zsESl7YRaZ
13th July, 2018
Congratulations dtotheambrose (IG) on winning tickets to the @WCRacing races this weekend! Be sure to check out the… https://t.co/ffVORmV0CV
13th July, 2018
It all goes down starting tomorrow. Here we go, Portland. We’re back! . . . #pwcrosecup #pirelliwchttps://t.co/iIK7jK9jye
13th July, 2018
Oh yes!! LOVE the way this bad boy looks! Can’t wait to get on track tomorrow. Be sure to visit… https://t.co/Y0h9wgMCbZ
12th July, 2018
Sadly, I'm not going to make the trip to Portland this weekend to shoot #PirelliWorldChallenge, but I wish the… https://t.co/mzwHuXNxKf
12th July, 2018 #PirelliWorldChallenge