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#Pistons SVG in pregame: "The main thing is we have to win tonight. If you start thinking in 10-game stretches, it’s impossible."
25th March, 2017 #Pistons
#pistons conspiracy theory svg hold back stanley cause gores dont wanna pay the big bucks for stanley. If true we gotta allocate space
25th March, 2017 #pistons
#pistons fans got bored of always winning and fallin short in ecf after 6 straight of em we blew it up for no reason pre-emptive #fail
24th March, 2017 #pistons
Those shills wanna blow the team up. Im not quick to bliw up anything after we prematurely broke up 03-08 #pistons cuz we got bored goin...
24th March, 2017 #pistons
They say cant win wit dre as cornerstone. Idiots are fake news tryin to convince #pistons to trade all their good players for trash
24th March, 2017 #pistons