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Tip: 'Topping' is a word arborists use to describe pruning a tree with regard to it's structural integrity.…
10th January, 2018
@TheTweetOfGod Actually it’s “it’s.” Because we are denoting ownership (marriage to “it’s” rightful owner.) Think a…
9th January, 2018
I can't wait until the transfer window is closed. #PleaseDon'tLeaveUsÖzil
8th January, 2018
#Steelers Seeing Bortles this 1st half makes you appreciate @_BigBen7 even more. #pleasedon'tretire
7th January, 2018
Sooo @HillaryClinton @DNC couldn't #Cheat her way through an election by a reality star who didn't want to win in t…
6th January, 2018
Hi Twitter. I have a very bad cold. I am a respiratory nurse. I won't make it in to work tomorrow. I feel like I am…
6th January, 2018
1980 – No. 1 #Chart Toppers Pop Hit: #PleaseDon’tGo K.C. & the Sunshine Band.
5th January, 2018
@LoganPaul After all the 15 million people you make Happy including me why would you give up now we all love please…
5th January, 2018