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Imagine someone walking into your house and putting their feet up on your table and not being able to do anything a…
13th June, 2018
#Starryscape Picture of the Day 2018 June 13 "Pleiades and Mercury in the Zodiacal light" Coober Pedy,South…
13th June, 2018
#pleiades I don't even know your name you should stay in your lane!
12th June, 2018 #pleiades
#PLEIADES 23/06/18. This 2nd verse isn't fair fam!!! 💥💥💥💥
12th June, 2018 #PLEIADES
Skies not far from reach stars right in my grip #pleiades drops 23.06.18
12th June, 2018 #pleiades
Got my two step, I really be winging it to the top. Get used to this, running my race you run your mouth. #Pleiades 23.06.18
12th June, 2018 #Pleiades
Self Portrait with Stained Glass and Feathers in the current Pleiades. Thanks for asking @KelliAgodon #pleiades
12th June, 2018 #pleiades
I truly believe there is 2 species of beings incarnated as humans in this planet, one totally selfish and cruel and…
11th June, 2018