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Kyogre and Groudon raids return, more Shiny Hoenn Pokémon, Team Aqua and Team Magma gear, and more arrive in… https://t.co/5azVSqKvcH
15th January, 2019
@TheGreatE3cape @KaitoNolan @julioceliao I am definitely excited. I did over 40 Kyogre raids last June and got no… https://t.co/zHbJk4pktn
15th January, 2019
I just got myself a shiny Sandshrew yesterday... and Pokémon Go announced 2 more shinies WITH evolutions... I’ll be… https://t.co/p4Wbtt6AHA
15th January, 2019
Pokemon Center Primal Dialga Ichiban Kuji Plush More HD pics and info ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://t.co/CrHOWFyKeJ Buy on Amazon:… https://t.co/BYUF4vYkw0
15th January, 2019
Looking for a fun, free, safe & open, #PokemonGo #Discord!?🤔👀 Look no further! 🤩 THE FABULOUS FANTASY LAND 🤩 Mak… https://t.co/XhvEvAXGo3
15th January, 2019 #PokemonGo
Pretty sure that is not how #pokemonGO works or even looks. #RAW
15th January, 2019 #pokemonGO
Wow only 24 hours since I post my friends code for #PokemonGO and I've gotten requests from all over the world incl… https://t.co/Ra5W2xzIf8
15th January, 2019 #PokemonGO
When you've been so so sick for the last couple of weeks.. and this week it's been exhausting... and you JUST miss… https://t.co/mT5N6TpsWw
15th January, 2019