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The newest trio of starter #Pokemon from the #Galar region are now available as a happy family-photo style… https://t.co/VGZTJwvgyr
15th July, 2019 #Pokemon
Awesome day did 23 raids bewteen 3 accounts due to lack of raid passes 😅 got 2 on main and one on alt and a freakin… https://t.co/rrMjeF6QLM
15th July, 2019
Did a total of 44 raids with the crew today, had to miss some do to a high iv, but pretty good day, 4 shinys. One… https://t.co/iJl1IYEwBC
15th July, 2019
ACTION!!! Entei Day review in #PokemonGO. Testing out Samsung Sidesync (If this doesn't work, then will try normal… https://t.co/om8E9RlDY4
15th July, 2019 #PokemonGO