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Couple very cool toys SOLD headed south to Florida. We were even able to accommodate with a trailer that fit both c… https://t.co/6dC8RYJsL6
21st January, 2020
Go with me to Las Vegas and Boulder, Nevada to test out the all-new 2020 @PolarisInc #Slingshot! Watch the vlog:… https://t.co/oMg8C5WpoK
20th January, 2020 #Slingshot
ENTER TO WIN THE ALL-NEW 2020 SLINGSHOT! This is your chance to win an instantly upgraded 2020 Slingshot SL outfit… https://t.co/LiF8hSz2QM
20th January, 2020
“I go to sleep when they wakin' up I go to work while they takin' lunch I'm in the lab when they in the club”… https://t.co/aVkZmEdjWV
19th January, 2020
The new #2020 #Slingshot from #Polaris is going to take the streets by storm. Now offered with automatic transmissi… https://t.co/B53JpecZ35
18th January, 2020 #Slingshot, #Polaris
Hit the open road in style! Designed with storage and comfort in mind, these essential accessories help you turn… https://t.co/abj2daLW4I
18th January, 2020
Reposted from @Chiquis626 (@get_regrann) - Imagining myself in my new 2020 Slingshot riding down PCH! 🌞🌴😎… https://t.co/q2HbGkanz6
17th January, 2020