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The elegant looking Polestar 1 at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018. #polestar #polestar1https://t.co/YCQIHgi6Eb
14th April, 2018 #polestar
Don't forget to call #Polestar to get scheduled for your #AirConditioner! Call us at 913-432-3342 or visit us at… https://t.co/hhHMAso2O7
13th April, 2018 #Polestar
We showed a snapshot of our history, here's a peek at our future. #Polestar https://t.co/vJs7lWqSiF
12th April, 2018 #Polestar
Volvo Polestar 450 BHP, you don't see one of them every day. Diamond 9H & NanoX being applied @TintexHouse to bring… https://t.co/0sSNfIohP0
12th April, 2018
That's our #SHAKTI V v1.0 what a day! Thank u neelamji neelam gupta my teddy ! Tday was it way of guiding us n help… https://t.co/R4GuBLebA6
11th April, 2018
Independent electric car company Polestar are shaking up AFVs. @DesignTalking interviews CEO Thomas Ingenlath about… https://t.co/DELR8ZvCi2
11th April, 2018