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Missing #ImACeleb to watch #policeinterceptors looking forward too meeting @DurhamPolice Interceptors on Dec 2nd at Palace Green 👮🚓
21st November, 2017 #policeinterceptors
No traffic cops tonight so been doing a recap on #policeinterceptors and some blokes called @Bucko8828 and @DanHalliwell1 👍
20th November, 2017 #policeinterceptors
And the winner of last night's #Lumiere photo competition is... Vicki Burrell! We loved how wintry this photo is! K… https://t.co/BxIac2Yh2N
18th November, 2017
Watching Police Interceptors before I go out. They just nicked a drunk driver who proceeded to snort cocaine in th… https://t.co/aXePjL5uJE
18th November, 2017
Day two of #LumiereDurham is underway! 🙌We hope you have a fantastic night and don’t forget to send us your best pi… https://t.co/cbPqWGtisq
17th November, 2017