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I think one of the first @UKVolkswagen #PoloGTI to hit the UK roads. First one I’ve seen... love it. https://t.co/Y5i6AzNqCL
16th June, 2018 #PoloGTI
Owners of the new Mk6 Polo GTI what real world MPG are you getting? Also does the exhaust pop on over run when in s… https://t.co/pHpTws7PjU
16th June, 2018
WOW! A like on Insta from Clubsport S 'ring record driver and GTI brand ambassador Benny Leuchter #imnotworthyhttps://t.co/3fw5x8wJwt
15th June, 2018
Thanks to everyone who has watched my new #PoloGTI video, 5k views in 24 hours is a new record for me so makes the… https://t.co/R7HD6grxX3
15th June, 2018 #PoloGTI
Followers Friday... Tagg the Owners in The Comment Section and Follow us For more daily post every thing Automobile… https://t.co/eSgDZo6pRx
15th June, 2018