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questioning EVERYTHING should be a practice of us all> flouride vaccines HAARP CellTowers pizzagate Cern A.I. ped… https://t.co/lQPL5LBsGL
26th May, 2018
Thank you so much Kate 🌷 I ADORE #Kek 🐸 @realDonaldTrump 🌷 #QAnon - And he’s NOT alone against the Satanic, paedoph… https://t.co/dAdpTdMEzW
26th May, 2018
So #ireland is voting to murder their own babies, import refugees and become enslaved to Islam. Holy shit Ireland r… https://t.co/wWYFC1Zh0f
26th May, 2018 #ireland
@Flyingtastic Would you call him a traitor? Or give some goddamn stupid explaination to declare him the #POPE?
26th May, 2018 #POPE