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992 is a bit young & all over the place at the moment so I’ve waited until 3,993 followers to celebrate the iconic… https://t.co/ABku8G0qKs
18th April, 2019
If it was 1988 again. This guy’s #radio set up in his #Porsche would make him an official king 👑 https://t.co/co6eXXaS1X
18th April, 2019 #Porsche
Mercy (my beloved '03 Mercury GM) and I were being stalked today on our way home. #Porsche GT3TS with a huge wing i… https://t.co/0afCdvBSYC
18th April, 2019 #Porsche
Really Mike? Yes, Ant--I brought you a #Porsche 996 with a broken IMS bearing. Nothin' you can't fix!… https://t.co/SpKADicay4
18th April, 2019 #Porsche