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Club member Luke took in 5 countries in 1 week in his 924, surely the most practical of classics? #Porsche924 😀 https://t.co/aQlG2Dxo9J
27th June, 2017 #Porsche924
I am spending a little time reassembling ghost rider today #Porsche924 @Woolies Workshop https://t.co/iyk6IFLuOc
27th June, 2017 #Porsche924
This one is leaving today. Makes a nice change to save one. #Porsche924 @Woolies Workshop https://t.co/nLb37H3aSo
27th June, 2017 #Porsche924
Been on a couple of dates with a guy & discover he has a habit of abandoning broken cars on the roadside including… https://t.co/doQVWhKmZV
26th June, 2017