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The Porsche 944 turbo was perhaps the best Porsche of its time on its debut in 1985. Porsche produced 23.700 944 tu… https://t.co/h1meGLkXnA
19th May, 2019
Getting the ol’ lady ready for Porsche on the Prom tomorrow in @Visit_Llandudno . Hope the weather holds 🙏🏼🙏🏼.… https://t.co/bMwiU7XsMc
18th May, 2019
Teaching kids auto mechanics! She is doing the tires I'm just heavy lifting. #kidsplay #stemkids #porsche944 # @… https://t.co/ebfJBl2czi
17th May, 2019 #porsche944
Almost perfect right hand drive dash for sale. First come first served. £600 free uk mainland delivery. Info@wooliehttps://t.co/9IkV7cYljT
17th May, 2019
Just in for breaking. 924S rotten as a pear. Complete. Email me with your wish list. Info@wooliesworkshop.com… https://t.co/YMSQp0L3Le
16th May, 2019