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Car commercials don’t have to be boring. This one has an angry chicken in it! https://t.co/Kik2FSJXgwhttps://t.co/tbxj3TxKcz
15th July, 2018
As much as it pains me to do so, time to wrap up the 951 front conversion on the 944S and put it on the market. Gon… https://t.co/u2kETLbWRM
15th July, 2018
If your #Porsche944 hatch rattles then this is the fix you need, found nowhere else. https://t.co/mil5vZmPo9 #porsche944parts
15th July, 2018 #Porsche944
A (very small) selection of some of the stunning vehicles at Goodwood today... and these are just the ones in the c… https://t.co/n1WjysyqAp
14th July, 2018
The #Porsche 944 - the slowly appreciating classic from the #80s finally getting some love from collectors… https://t.co/tOqcgnWxjO
14th July, 2018 #Porsche
Any EV guys or girls gonna be at #GoodwoodFOS today. Heading down now with my father in-law in his lovely… https://t.co/PqfEl4osH4
13th July, 2018 #GoodwoodFOS
Brushed aluminum E-brake button. A cool way to spruce up the interior of your #Porsche944 https://t.co/kSLaOHRjVh
13th July, 2018 #Porsche944
The revision will make the installation metal work much easier to handle for everyone. 👍 #WidebodyPorschehttps://t.co/WBVKAOSyxe
12th July, 2018