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How do you like the side profil of the all-new Porsche Targa? 😊 #ad #anzeige #911targa4s #911targa #911targa4https://t.co/yoxE3G6H8S
11th August, 2020
Check out our full driving review of the all-new Porsche Targa. Perfect review for a sunny day 😊 #ad #anzeigehttps://t.co/tQg0izWCTL
11th August, 2020
After much deliberation with our most technical advisors. We have come to the conclusion this will not polish out.… https://t.co/3JaOaSXei3
10th August, 2020
Second race of the day due to get underway at 15:55. #Itv4. (Race 1, Kimber sixth. Mason tenth) #porshehttps://t.co/7mzUul4GVw
9th August, 2020
The road to success is always under construction. Stay persistent and keep pushing forward. 💪🏼 . 🏎 owner:… https://t.co/XFtNESlpZb
6th August, 2020