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After 9 years this Porsche finally looks like new thanks to paint correction, Opti Coat Pro and some brand new OZ S… https://t.co/fxL97fKd8n
24th May, 2018
Another one from the photograph safe zone at Millbrook. A truly marvelous facility, and my Cayman winning the Gymkh… https://t.co/yhdrZP1Otk
22nd May, 2018
Let’s see those pearly whites! 😁💧✨ Keep your pride & joy looking shiny, clean & new at #glowcarwash#stayshininghttps://t.co/4Pt1GzVhGX
22nd May, 2018
My own Cayman at Millbrook Proving Ground. Photography is prohibited in all areas except the holding area, where th… https://t.co/0HSvUUeYKi
21st May, 2018
Various cars from the TIPEC East Midlands group before a morning run through the lanes to Newark for breakfast.… https://t.co/etBVRR7hlB
19th May, 2018