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One of the most iconic logos in the automotive industry and proudly displayed on all our cars. #Porschehttps://t.co/TzLu41Zv7M
18th July, 2019 #Porsche
New vid is live on YouTube (link below) and which do you prefer wing or no wing? #porsche997 #porschecarrerahttps://t.co/lwsZFCU2Ed
18th July, 2019 #porsche997, #porschecarrera
Beautiful Porsche GT4 sporting APR 3pc Carbon airdam splitter 🔥🔥 RepostBy kerenz_kz: "😎😎😎 #aprperformancehttps://t.co/2WjBloy2vA
17th July, 2019
Reposted from @Global_TA (get_regrann) - @courtneycarra 👉 😎 Can't wait to see what the 718 does next to the time… https://t.co/ujHrbTZJi9
17th July, 2019
The new Porsche 718 Cayman, powered by an 414 hp 4.0 Liter flat-six the same as the GT4 🤟 Why wouldn't you take the… https://t.co/O3WLtkbSi0
17th July, 2019
Nice average priced sports car, Cayman 718, next to the warm yellowy Cotswold Stone walls is fantastic 👍🏽🙌🏽☀️🇬🇧 • •… https://t.co/hYR28ivZjD
16th July, 2019
Calibration complete! The already great Cayman is now astonishing. Truly astonishing. @centergravityltdhttps://t.co/oLo4Buu6jU
15th July, 2019