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@cathylovestrump @Calamity_Payne @JackPosobiec right! But many like to talk bad about President Trump. They should… https://t.co/01j7ceayv9
19th June, 2018
@billprady I wanna throw-up just seeing that & all fake promises & the numb nut #POTOS rubbing up against #KimJongUn & #valdimirputin
17th June, 2018 #KimJongUn
@FoxNews @eikoh3 @POTUS I nevertheless, certainly hope that #POTOS doesn't stop with the denuclearization of #NK.… https://t.co/X0OkWauW1K
16th June, 2018
Our President Trump hasn’t ever wanted to change our constitution or our freedom & because of that he will always b… https://t.co/LTu6ncvMTG
16th June, 2018
@doritnyc @kylegriffin1 I hope when we get a new #POTOS we can go back to this and undo all the damage… https://t.co/G6zOjCguEM
15th June, 2018
they would be ashamed if there were any shame in them. They are instead angry that #POTOS is destroying all they ac… https://t.co/JlD9UxJ0Gv
13th June, 2018
@kimguilfoyle @TheFive @FoxNews He is Juan big ass that will never be complimentary to #POTOS no matter what he does!
13th June, 2018