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Evaluate how you treat yourself. You are setting the example for others. #PoWa #SelfEmpowerment https://t.co/wWkXW9b8PP
18th October, 2016
#MakerFaireRome this is the best automation project I saw #PoWa https://t.co/8UB1oXk0d6 They made a great job,easy… https://t.co/BmWhuAAGCT
16th October, 2016
Mental Illness is a human thing and requires compassion and vulnerability. Just like any illness. #PoWahttps://t.co/J9ItmbwZsa
15th October, 2016
I will find the reasons my life is worth living. I will focus on those and look for more. #PoWa #YouCanRecoverhttps://t.co/5PmiBmSf3g
14th October, 2016