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Sometimes, we want the audience to focus on a particular portion of the picture rather than the entire picture. Lea… https://t.co/n8TX8kBdFY
18th November, 2019
We've completed our series on 'Hidden' options in #Word, #Excel and #PowerPoint.  How to hide text, images, cells,… https://t.co/VQJVk136SQ
18th November, 2019 #Excel
Watched this @elonmusk video @lexfridman shared. Saw this dream of Earth just vanishing as Specks of dust ☹️ Recrea… https://t.co/qqE10nHqQn
18th November, 2019
PUBLIC SPEAKING TIP: Your final two slides should always be black. People often unintentionally click into edit mod… https://t.co/zYvAMsjM8p
18th November, 2019