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PSG was bought for 80 million euros in 2012, Neymar for 222 million euros. @PSG_English @neymarjr #BiggestTransferEver #PowerShift
4th August, 2017
I think people are starting to see Paul for who he really is. Lets get friendship outof the house! #Powershift #NotAGroupie #BB19 #IHatePaul
4th August, 2017 #Powershift
Do not MISS OUT! This coming Saturday, the 5th of August. #PowerShift https://t.co/Yh2WRsHu0e
3rd August, 2017
In the Rise of Climate Change, We Need to be Vigilant about Climate Justice https://t.co/vkiocKcWXc #powershift via @EnergyAction
3rd August, 2017 #powershift
Did anyone else notice that the season 2 cast members were so much more entertaining than season 1 #PowerShift #BkChatReunion
3rd August, 2017
At @cygnethealth the Expert by Experience Lead gets the door opened and chauffeured around by the Engagement Lead.… https://t.co/StrribvwEP
1st August, 2017
@Scouseb1 Your only upset cause you ended up with Solanke while we got a world class striker. #PowerShift
1st August, 2017