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@andrew_leach Many #EVs allow you to schedule their charge at a time when electricity is cheaper. Now with… https://t.co/AyHuuYPBCN
12th June, 2018 #EVs
77kwh #solar generated yesterday all day long, except at night or when it was cloudy ;) #Greenville #clean #greenhttps://t.co/kcDXKfBaVf
9th June, 2018 #green
We are in a power outage right now! Amazing to see the neighborhood pitch black an we are fully functional...… https://t.co/HYhEoiQ81t
9th June, 2018
@Tesla about how long does it take to get a reply on the contact us page? I sent in a question about the #powerwallhttps://t.co/lIwDQMfesE
9th June, 2018 #powerwall
Not every Tesla has wheels, but they’re still every bit as Sexy! 🔥@TheTeslaLife @elonmusk @Tesla @solarcity My home… https://t.co/pgBLzENfJY
8th June, 2018
@Chamberlain So power outage you say? I suggest you call @Tesla and have a chat with @elonmusk for a quote on… https://t.co/ayypmQQxqR
8th June, 2018