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#Tesla needs a lot of #cobalt. The stated business plan is to sell 500,000 Model 3's. At 4.5 kg per car, that's 2.2… https://t.co/Gik22h2Xcv
18th May, 2018 #Tesla, #cobalt
We think that #Tesla & @elonmusk are one of the most innovative companies in the world - what do you think?… https://t.co/vxVUEK5CxQ
18th May, 2018 #Tesla
Tesla’s Expects to Triple Size of Storage Business in 2018, and Pull Increase In Solar Demand With It… https://t.co/Ja1fYcoS5N
18th May, 2018
"Tesla is working to create other opportunities to earn grid service revenues in South Australia, by developing a v… https://t.co/mft58Q1e9P
17th May, 2018
From .@UtilityDive- .@Tesla software update allows #Powerwall 2 owners to optimize for time-varying rates:… https://t.co/18xCgfFOra
17th May, 2018 #Powerwall
Episode 405 - Taking Your Shot * @elonmusk personally hires a pair of interns * @Tesla mortgages the Fremont facto… https://t.co/Jbk9b6Z1VM
17th May, 2018