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Crawbrawler looks like a drunk mess which im sure thats what they were going for but still funny #PRIMETIME @TheKingNappy
27th November, 2016 #PRIMETIME
@TheKingNappy im in the same corner as you bro; been doing Masuda method for shiny wimpod still no luck yet, stay strong! #primetime
27th November, 2016 #primetime
Hahaha oh my god @_TwitTwit @JayYTGamer and @PKSparkxx have me dying with these Spongebob references #Primetime
27th November, 2016 #Primetime
Napakagenuine ng laugh nila! You know they are enjoying each other's company! #MeantToBe #Primetime
27th November, 2016 #Primetime