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I hate when #prius get in front of me while I’m driving..🤬
16th November, 2019 #prius
A hybrid in its element. 🍃 2020 Toyota Prius XLE shown in Electric Storm Blue. Visit us -
16th November, 2019
I wish I would have known this sooner about owning a Toyota Prius, but we live and learn.
16th November, 2019
Sooo I guess Imma be the first to say... that the #MustangMachE looks like it had a threesum with a #Tesla & a #prius.
16th November, 2019 #Tesla, #prius
The globetrotting Sognonvis of @topflightfam explains how you can start being a tourist by exploring the place you…
16th November, 2019
The same 'tough' guys that suggest #football players are #toosoft these days (along with the world in general) are…
15th November, 2019 #football
How hard is it to put your foot on the throttle and leave it in one place? This @Uber driver is making me absolutel…
15th November, 2019
Such a moment experiencing the bb @NeonIndian performing #toyotaman live in LA at @TeragramLA last month 🚗🚛🚚🏎 Spe…
15th November, 2019
@theheavendrill @ToyotaMotorCorp Who'll complain for it being Miles instead of Km? Only Indians who are missing the #prius Hybrid.
15th November, 2019 #prius