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#Proton gets a new owner: A breath of fresh air or the beginning of the end?
23rd June, 2017 #Proton
DRB-Hicom will transfer RM1.2 billion worth of non-automotive assets out of #Proton so it can focus on its car business
23rd June, 2017 #Proton
The balance of the govt's soft loan of RM2.5 million and RM1.1 billion reimbursement for R&D will hopefully be released today to #Proton
23rd June, 2017 #Proton
Signed and sealed. Congratulations Proton-Geely. A new journey towards success for Proton has started. #mitimatters
23rd June, 2017
With #Proton-#Geely collaboration, both companies are poised to enter new era of smart and new energy vehicles
23rd June, 2017 #Proton, #Geely