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@MazDistef You can stop paying and get the fuck out and walk! The heat should keep your nasty ass fries warm. #PSA
23rd June, 2017 #PSA
From my Bedtime Stories series on Snapchat, this is a #PSA for the ladies. #TheMoreYouKnow
23rd June, 2017 #PSA
#PSA Everyone in that gym needs to feed to pokes Either that or have 100s of razz
23rd June, 2017 #PSA
It's literally never going to be okay to voice an opinion about someone else's appearance/weight out loud. Maybe ju…
23rd June, 2017
This is legal in #colorado #psa! (But literally wtf just do it if u have to)
23rd June, 2017 #colorado, #psa
My first two exes taught me not to trust y'all hoes. And the fucked up part is I still fuck with them tho. #psa
23rd June, 2017 #psa
🗣#PSA: if you want to listen to YouTube WITH THE APP CLOSED- Download the mini-Opera browser. You can play YouTube videos & close the app :)
23rd June, 2017 #PSA