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Therapist: Genesis Kitty Kat P-Orridge isn’t real, it can’t hurt you. #wormwoodradio #meow #robot #IndustrialMusic
20th May, 2019
#Wolfpack23 volume 3. Bands, want to send a track in? Message me. All proceeds go directly to @GenesisBPO Check ou…
20th May, 2019
We have a great team for you tonight! Paul is joined by Tamara and Joleen all the way till 10pm!! Then we have a su…
19th May, 2019
This week ⁦@EvelynPryce⁩ treks through Snow. I bow to Thee Majesty Ov ⁦@GenesisBPO⁩ and #PsychicTV before we stop a…
17th May, 2019
Cosey Fanni Tutti / Throbbing Gristle live at the Rafters - Manchester, 1980 #CoseyFanniTutti #ThrobbingGristle
14th May, 2019