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Meet the most enthusiastic visitor at #FTII on Open Day 2 who is 92 years old but young at heart! #YoungAtHearthttps://t.co/PEnItx6GAl
24th September, 2017
Pune: Durga Puja committees go beyond festivities, reach out to the ... - The Indian Express https://t.co/jqHEEhtkuw #pune
24th September, 2017 #pune
#HeyDhobi has made Heymant & Heymangi’s Dandiya outfits look good as new! Now even their clothes are enjoying… https://t.co/GeBIBqJQGQ
24th September, 2017
Visitors are showing up in huge numbers for 'FTII Open Day'! Join us for a campus tour today at #FTII. #OpenDayhttps://t.co/mLMau9p12d
24th September, 2017