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I can't watch the #PuppyBowl. I want to take them all home.
15th January, 2017 #PuppyBowl
There is not a #PuppyBowl in our movie, but all the cast and crew of LAO do like puppies, we promise! https://t.co/FDeL9WiK2i
15th January, 2017 #PuppyBowl
Adopt this wrinkly grey pup! Thanks to @PawWorks and @AnimalPlanet for bringing these adoptable pups today for… https://t.co/cuJR9SHlVh
15th January, 2017
My heart has been stolen thanks to this little thief right here. Don't be fooled by that sweet face. #PuppyBowlhttps://t.co/4PUqxDZ1sY
15th January, 2017 #PuppyBowl