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@ArmstrongTaran ❤️how u made a #qualifier for poll being wrong after 4 weeks of "my polls have been right all season." How Very Monte of u 😂
27th October, 2016 #qualifier
Cant wait to run @nycmarathon next weekend. Who wants a #guaranteed #qualifier to wear their shit on #raceday. Hahaha.
27th October, 2016 #qualifier
2017 DL @AustinM9190 is strong, fast/quick & has been a 2yr captain @CanadaPrep . #Qualifier can enroll Midyear/Jan https://t.co/L4gTaFxMlB
25th October, 2016 #Qualifier
Well done to Kevin Harris completing the 100km race at Templiers in a time of 16:20! #Qualifier https://t.co/nh67F2xHR6
23rd October, 2016 #Qualifier