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This 89-YO Grandma Learned Photography And Has A Mission To Make People Laugh #spon #humor #photography #photoshttps://t.co/lugirueVD2
24th November, 2017 #photos
i would describe my aesthetic for 2018 as a hard mix of "dressing like your 50 year old art teacher and a 19 year o… https://t.co/Af6pvuvmFk
24th November, 2017
There’s something so satisfying when the song on the radio and the blinking of my turn signal are on the same tempo. #musician #quirky
24th November, 2017 #quirky
its so funny how my family would always make fun of me for being skinny and call me anorexic then when i finally ga… https://t.co/nqiLJc7oOm
24th November, 2017
it was my attempt at being #quirky like all those ppl who replaced family pictures w criminal minds pics u know
24th November, 2017 #quirky
We at Café Cliché pride ourselves with ensuring your coffee experience is as #quirky as possible 😋☺️ from Carol Ann… https://t.co/I7U08zZOQy
23rd November, 2017 #quirky