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Death is iminent πŸ˜‹ Come on and murder me, take me out of my miserable life 😊 I need to DIE: D- I'm really I- fuckin… https://t.co/gN8DTIbDPD
22nd September, 2018
#quirky Froot Loops are different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue) but all have the same flavor.… https://t.co/9iWQMTSBmh
22nd September, 2018 #quirky
#quirky Mr. Potato Head first toy advertised on TV (4.30.1952). Made & sold by Hasbro since 1952 & is still in pro… https://t.co/WtxTeIm22d
22nd September, 2018 #quirky