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@AmazonHelp Thanks! Spoke to a lovely agent who was very helpful...though @myhermes have 'lost' it (or more likely… https://t.co/khq37oWdZt
15th June, 2017
Go everywhere to watch Frampton. America Vegas Manchester and can't get a ticket for belfast #raging @CarlFrampton @CyclonePromo
15th June, 2017 #raging
Just flicked on Fox News to see how they're reporting the WashPost scoop about Trump. Hannity literally did not come up for air #Raging
15th June, 2017 #Raging
@dazt1980 @RossParker93 Went Tesco after ⚽️,filled 🚙up,left wallet on roof,drove off.Realised when I got home.Went back,no wallet #raging
15th June, 2017 #raging