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@sureshpprabhu Today very fortunate to see #Swachchata Abhiyan at #raipur. Today my son travel first time in train… https://t.co/0trVLotCzb
4th December, 2016 #raipur
@RaeesTheFilm @iamsrk 1) I can walk like Raees. 2) I can talk like Raees. 3) I can think like Raees.… https://t.co/JZrobRlSK7
4th December, 2016
@RaeesTheFilm Things in me- 1) Walking style like Raees 🚶 2) Stylish like Raees 😎 3) As Dangerous As Raees ☠… https://t.co/VwxbLKhYpL
4th December, 2016
@RaeesTheFilm 1) I am charming like Raees Bhai. 😍 😀 So i have important element in myself to be Raees.… https://t.co/d5ydZFgRTy
4th December, 2016