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#SandellTopMoments@COTA is an awesome location for all types of motorsport, and it feels good that #rallycross is… https://t.co/51oUhzLZ9c
9th December, 2018 #rallycross
First time Rally Crossing in #GTSport ☺️ it’s soooo different but so much fun! Shall try this mode more often from… https://t.co/vko9c8Zbmm
9th December, 2018
Do you participate in rally or rallycross? If you’re preparing your car and suspension is an item on your list, wan… https://t.co/9fK0XFUmBn
9th December, 2018
Awesome day yesterday playing in the @vanniekerk_racing BMW rally cross car down here in Cape Town. So much dust it… https://t.co/1UxT8p5Ytt
8th December, 2018
No US Round for the 2019 FIA World RallyCross schedule? Lame! I was really hoping to attend that event next year. #WRX #FIAWRX #RallyCross
8th December, 2018 #WRX