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$RHC #Ramsay Health Care Ltd. This dominant Tier 1 private hospital operator offers growing yet defensive earnings.… https://t.co/5fzUOx8sC9
21st June, 2018 #Ramsay
Life advice: Stop taking failure so personal. #Ramsay #LevelsAlbum
20th June, 2018 #Ramsay
'you're only being intellectually honest when you look into why women, dark-skinned people, Freemasons, LGBTIQ and… https://t.co/Z6jaUWVGGn
20th June, 2018
Had a fab day again this year at Sports Day 2018! Good job with th video @NoahJayMusic ! I almost decked it on the… https://t.co/RdMV6JDJLk
20th June, 2018
Collab with Kirly Sue and Momma Cherri from Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares https://t.co/aVrrs5girq #KirlySuehttps://t.co/WUgjMZ3q75
19th June, 2018
He was left by his wife He was left by his girlfriend He was defeated by barbarians He was tired He was betrayed He… https://t.co/TZPb469nwv
19th June, 2018
Hey @GordonRamsay!!! I have a question! Did you ever try Costa Rican Tamales with Lizano sauce? Consider this a cha… https://t.co/Oe73dFsEnB
19th June, 2018
Okay @australian this takes the cake for the most ridiculous use of polling I've ever seen. #Ramsay >Asking a samp… https://t.co/xm4aX4hka4
19th June, 2018 #Ramsay