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Two minutes in to @NBCThisisUs, and I’m ALREADY tearing up because they better not add an old cat into this.....… https://t.co/ekn5o6iGES
17th January, 2018
@NBCThisisUs Watching @NBCThisisUs with my 11 year old daughter. She is adopted and relates to #Randall
17th January, 2018 #Randall
@SterlingKBrown You communicate so much w/o words and only mannerisms and expressions. That takes so much talent to… https://t.co/OWWWXITZAF
17th January, 2018
-> that's what I am to you. [[Leaning, it jostles @RuinousRuffian's fingers where they apply pressure-- it's just a… https://t.co/4um22jLiYX
16th January, 2018