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Looking for a quick update on the Ford Ranger Raptor? @AutoDealPH gets up close the #RangerRaptor on this video:… https://t.co/mz2Qeak5WA
17th March, 2018 #RangerRaptor
If you missed my piece on American trucks vs Australian trucks, here it is again in all its self-promoting glory.… https://t.co/q5exIY3xd6
17th March, 2018
Truck wars. It’s America’s performance trucks vs Australia’s. Featuring the new #RangerRaptor, Hilux Rugged X and… https://t.co/o4Tb7etGL0
14th March, 2018 #RangerRaptor
@forduk When is the Ford Ranger Raptor coming to the uk? Where can I register my interest / Put a deposit down!… https://t.co/gRPOnG7CM5
11th March, 2018